The Grid iPhone Wallpaper

June 25, 2010

Now with everybody posting grid style wallpapers for the newly released iOS 4, I thought I should do some official Bartelme Design grid wallpapers :) The wallpapers come in a couple of different colors and are of course ready for the retina display. Go grab 'em!

Download the Grid Wallpaper for iOS 4


All wallpapers have been updated for the new gorgeous screen of the iPhone 5!


Thnx, they are great! Can you make this for the iPad too?


I may not have the retina display cause I'm still with a 3GS but even on the "old" display it looks amazing!!! Thanks for sharing yet another amazing wallpaper! ;)


Why put them in a zip. Some of us are miles away from the syncing computer. What I can see from this site looks good though.


Hallo Wolfgang, tolle Idee mit den Grids - ist wie immer gelungen. Bis ich es aber nutzen kann, dauert es wohl noch 2 Wochen. Bestellt ist das neue iPhone bereits :D P.S.: Wieder mehr Updates von dir... Beste Grüße, Martin

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Looks good, congratulations and thank you very much.

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These are really nice! Thanks! Could you possibly add a red one?

Kyle Pierce

Just saw the direct link in the bottom of the page. Awesome!


These are great. Orange or red would be cool to have too. Thanks


Thanks for the grids. My wife would like a pink one, could you provide one?

Nicolas Chevallier

Klasse Wallpaper Wolfgang, Hut ab! Viele Grüße aus Berlin!


Love it! Thanks!

Matthias Eckhart

As usual.. great stuff Wolfgang :)

Michael van Galen

It looks so nice :D

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This is great - and perfect timing! Thanks so much!


Thanks! These are really nice!


Eine tolle Idee mit einer gelungenen Umsetzung!


Me too, Love it! Thanks!

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Ein Grund mehr endlich ein neues Handy zu kaufen


Thx. As for the iPad wallpaper: that's a tough one, cause it has to work in both portrait and landscape orientation. So it's not possible to do one wallpaper that works in both orientations. However I could of course do one for each orientation.


Habs zwar gedownloaded kanns aber noch nicht einsetzen. Dauert leider noch 4 Wochen bis mein Neues bei mir ist. DIe Wartezeiten sind echt extrem. Umso mehr freut es mich über das tolle Design des Wallpapers. Thanks


It's great that you make a special wallpaper for bartelemy :) way to get noticed. I think it is a pretty great idea. As someone already said, it would be great for the iPad too.


Herzlichen Dank auch von mir, sehr feine Arbeit!


Good work, Wolfgang! really nice, like it very much, thanks!

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Thank you for your helpfully article. Best Regards, Yuri


Danke! Ich habe mein iPhone jetzt ein paar Tage, da ist das genau das Richtige!

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Love it. Thanks

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Very nice work!


Very nice work! Very nice article.


Ich habe auch ein Iphone. Ich danke Euch. Es sieht sehr schön aus.

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auch ich sage ein FETTES danke.


Echt klasse für mein I Phone. Vielen Dank, Maike


Tolle Grids. Sehr wirklich schick aus. - Dennis


Wirklich edle "Wallpapers". Tolle Arbeit!


Ein wirklich tolles Design. Das macht was her.


The iphone looks great, would love to have it. Thanks


I am about to get the iphone as soon as I get the chance too. The official Bartelme Design grid wallpapers here make me want to get the iphone even sooner, thanks for releasing it for us.

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Very nice Wallpaper, looks great - thank you :)


Das ist wieder einmal cool. Klasse gemacht, dann sollt ich mir doch endlich ein iPhone holen!

News and Trends

Like all Apple's products since middle of 90's... simply amazing... :)


Hey thanks for the wonderful wallpaper, keep sharing the great designs indeed.


Nice wallpaper..thanks for sharing..


Very cool, nice work.

Apple iPhone 4G

Nice wallpaper Thanks for share it

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Geat wallpaper, i like both. Best Regards

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Still waiting for iPhone 4 to arrive here ....

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The excellent iphone 5 download, helps at examinations, on the way to study and simply to pass away time. I will change only on worthy Android the competitor or on 3GS


Very nice wallpaper. Thank you for sharing it. I wil try it as soon as my new Iphone arrive.


Good Job. Excellent Wallpapers! THX


Iphone 4 have so many problems. Hope they can be solve soon.

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Thanks! These are very good!


really very very nice. i like it very much. thnx


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Excellent post. Good Job. Very nice wallpaper. Thankyou somuch.facebook backgrounds

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Nice work. Very useful

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Excellent piece of artwork as usual. Congratulations, Wolfgang!

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Im Außendienst nutze ich immer mein iPhone, das ist ein schickes Wallpaper ein Klasse Hingucker. Danke!


Klasse, das pimpt das schöne neue iphone doch richtig auf! Danke!!!


Dankeschön, ich hab mir das Wallpaper gerade runtergeladen. Sieht super aus! Mein Iphone freut sich :-)


Really great stuff! thanks for this!!

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Nice wallpaper Thanks for sharing it

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Nice wallpaper These are really nice! Thanks!

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I'll use it on my new Ipad, thanks


Nice work. Very useful!

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Just amazing, congrats dude !


These are brilliant, thank you so much. Is there any chance you will be doing some for the iPad?

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Danke schön aus Hamburg.


Really great article!

Paul Alexander

A great work ! Keep it up .

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Noch ist mein 3G gut im Rennen, das Wallpaper habe ich mir für das herunter geladen, vielen Dank!


Good job on the Grid iPhone wall paper and to those asking, yes its says that its also available for iPad.

Jeorge Peter

Thanks, the wallpaper works really good on my new iphone. Most important before use: Upgrading the operating system from OS3.x to OS4.


Great wallpaper! Thanks for sharing!

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wallpapers en mass :)


Habs zwar gedownloaded kanns aber noch nicht einsetzen. Dauert leider noch 4 Wochen bis mein Neues bei mir ist. DIe Wartezeiten sind echt extrem. Umso mehr freut es mich über das tolle Design des Wallpapers.


Great post. I could do with sprucing up the old iphone ;-) Cheers

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Great design! good to know its downloadable. Thanks!


Nice Wallpaper for my iPhone ;) Thanks for a lot.

Tatjana Marintschuk

hey, the wallpapers are awesome! But since I always use only the first 3 rows, and never the fouth, is there any chance of getting the .PSD's so I can edit the wallpaper for my needs? Ofcourse, I would never publish anything! cheers!


hi Thanks for sharing, very nice and beautiful walllpapers


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